About Chris

Collage-720-WEBBorn in the United States, I spent the first 7 years of my life on the coast of the Arabian Sea. California was a foreign land, and the accents my brother and I acquired from our British elementary school were as thick as Figgy Pudding.

I was obsessed with goats at an early age. Touring through desert villages and date palm oases with our parents, I would point out herds trotting by and call to them repeatedly with the best goat voice I had.

My older brother and I continued to spend summers abroad as we grew up. Favorite pastimes during those formative years were building skateboard jumps out of salvaged plywood and 2×4’s, seeing who could jump the farthest off the edge of a steep sand dune, and lighting things on fire – not necessarily in that order. Aerosol can rockets were also frequently engineered and tested.

Stepping into photography as a full-time profession has been a process that started when I was 14. Black and white photography classes opened my eyes to a world of technique, timing and artistic creativity.

I remember watching chemical mysteries unfold in tubs of smelly fluids. Some pictures I eagerly awaited, watching for the first signs of shadow and highlights. But every so often I would watch a great image unfold that I didn’t recognize, a picture that I almost didn’t remember taking. The joy of taking pictures didn’t end when the camera went back into the bag.

I now run a wedding photography studio, documenting weddings in Lake Tahoe and Northern California throughout much of the year. I also specialize in outdoor sports, lifestyle, travel, and portrait photography work.

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