Kitesurfing in Mexico: La Ventana, Baja California

This winter I made it down to Mexico to visit one of the meccas of the kiting and windsurfing worlds, La Ventana. Although the majority of kiters here are from the west coast of North America (British Columbia folks have a strong presence here), I met plenty of riders from farther afield.

With strong, cross-shore wind almost daily from December through February, this small fishing village is a beacon for windsports enthusiasts. Some are cashing in on their annual two weeks of vacation, while others show up in October and don’t pack up until March.

No matter what your itinerary, La Ventana is an easy getaway.  Just book a flight to Los Cabos or La Paz. A relatively short drive from either of these airports (2 hours and 45 minutes, respectively) gets you to La Ventana, where you can get your wind-riding fix by day and meet your cerveza quota by night.

If the wind isn’t blowing or it starts to feel a little like Groundhog Day just hop over to Todos Santos on the Pacific Ocean side of Baja for some surf. Otherwise, head North to La Paz to snorkel with whale sharks and explore the capital city of Baja California.









Chris Werner is an outdoor action sports photographer based in Lake Tahoe, California.

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